Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Brother Will Make Fun of Me Unmercifully if I Write About The Following

This is a working list of things that will undoubtedly cause my brother to make fun of me unmercifully if I include them in my blog:
(I'm not saying I have, just that he most definitely would...)

*Random musings about my cat, especially when he does that thing with his litterbox (how exactly does he know that I've just changed it?)

*How much I still love David Cassidy.

*The fact that late 60s/early 70s pop music is clearly underrated and one of the best kept secrets in American music history. (Actually, he probably agrees with that one.)

*Anything that has to do with heroes, unless they're the sandwich kind.

*The wildlife in my back yard.

*Stupid things that I'm doing throughout the day, like laundry, making dinner, checking my email (truly why do people think that's acceptable to put that on Facebook, anyway??)

Tag, you're it, Tim.

1 comment:

Tim Haywood said...

Just to briefly address your issues:
1) You get a free pass on the cat, because you're a cat lady, and I would never make fun of your favorite black pants that are a little too tight and have cat fur and gravy stains all over them.
2) You love David Cassidy because he's a safe, androgynous man-boy, while you're fully aware you should love a manly rock star, like Mike Bolton (yes, he's called Mike now).
3) Yes, I do agree with this one.
4) Mmmm....sandwiches.
5) If you have "wildlife in your backyard," you should wax.
6) Nothing productive is stupid; idle hands are the devil's playground, and so is the Republican Convention.