Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everything Hurts

I can't move. I tried to climb the stairs to change into my running clothes, but my body was fighting back. Why do I always forget how young a six-year-old is? First graders are wonderful and funny and the first day of school is absolutely exhausting.

My favorite quotes from today:

"Will you read us another book?"

"I used to be a black belt, but it got lost."

"I like your toenails."

"I loved everything today, especially recess and lunch and P.E.."

"There is no video arcade at Niagara Falls."

"Can I call my mom?"

"I like it here."

"My cousin goes here. Can I go find her?"

"You have lots of pencils here."

So...I'm off to change my toenail polish, sharpen my pencils, and try to come up with some lessons that are more interesting than recess and lunch and I can go back and do it all again tomorrow.


Unknown said...

love it - wish I was with you. xo tracy.

gael lynch said...

Why don't you just share your black belt too!! ;) Hang in there...only 182 to go! (We start next week, so you're ahead of me!)

Jacqui said...

I used to go home and straight to sleep until at least October!

Tim Haywood said...

I remember asking my first grade teacher if she enjoyed Roy's Chuckwagon. Oh yes, in fact, she did.