Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Library Book

When I walked into the soup kitchen from the parking lot, I knew people would be lining up early.  With the New England wind chill as intense as it was, the director always opened the doors before the usual time.  The cafeteria area became their crowded living room, and people arrived early and stayed late.

One thing I've noticed in the past few months is that tempers seem to flare easier.  There is more than the usual amount of tension in the air.  

But there is one guy who always seems the same.  He always takes the time to come to the counter and thank me.  He tells me about job leads, and he always has a smile for the clients and the volunteers.  But one big thing I've noticed about this guy is that he almost always has a book in his hand.  

It's a library book.  This guy has practically nothing, but he has the library.  That's one thing that hasn't changed for him.  

The library.  It's free.  It always has been.  How lucky are we?


Joanne said...

Books, a wonderful resource to find inspiration, to travel, to learn, all just by turning the pages! Thank goodness for libraries, enjoyed browsing here!

Annie said...

Thanks, Joanne!

Jame said...

Thank you, Ben Franklin! (And thanks for inventing electricity, too. And bifocals.)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks for sharing that story! We are lucky. I heart the library. (I'm still crossing my fingers I'm going to see you in L.A.)

Anonymous said...

It's looking good for LA this year! Can't wait to have a latte with you!

gael lynch said...

Great story, Ann. Helps me keep perspective on the good things in life...wabi sabi things, like a well-loved library book.

Dad said...


That moose had better not come around my little girl!

Just remember how our dentist greeted the prospective boyfriends of his daughters. He always talked to them while he was cleaning his guns and sharpening his knives! (a true story).