Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elaborate Elaboration

It's in my head, and I know what I mean, so why do I need to elaborate?  I have a love/hate relationship with revising.  I need to, once again, follow the example of my first grade writer friends and do some elaborate elaboration.  

We were reading a book that had a boy in a wheelchair on the front cover.  "Why do you think that boy is sitting in a wheelchair?" I asked.

An adult would probably have responded, "I don't know"....or..."maybe he was born that way?" 

 But I asked my favorite first grade writer friend.  (You may remember her from a previous blog--she was the one who wrote about her sister who was 50, but she got tired of her and killed her off a couple of days later.)  She responded, "Maybe he's in the wheelchair because he broke his toe and he had to get it cut off and now he has to wear special shoes." 

 Wow.  Did we really need to even open the book after her explanation?  

Elaborate elaboration.  I'm going to try it tomorrow.

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